October 2022 Newsletter

Bluebird October 2022 Newsletter

This is the October 2022 Bluebird Property Management Monthly Newsletter.

Dates to remember in October:

  • October 1st – Rent Due
  • October 4th – Rent late (Late feeds)
  • October 10th – Columbus Day
  • October 31st – Halloween

October Maintenance Tip: Overheating and Overcooling

If you’re dealing with cold or hot spots in your home, you may decide to simply turn up the heat in winter or drop the temperature in the summer.

This shortcut avoids dealing with the source of the problem. It might be acceptable while you wait for a solution, but it isn’t a solution itself.

Save yourself the cost of wasted energy & an overworked HVAC system by having a professional assess & repair any issues causing cold and hot spots in your home.

Bluebird Pumpkin decorating contest is back! Vote for your favorite pumpkin on our Facebook page Oct 1st – Oct. 31st!!!

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