January 2023 Newsletter

January 2023 Newsletter BBPM

This is the January 2023 Bluebird Property Management Monthly Newsletter.

Dates to remember in January:

  • January 1st – Rent Due
  • January 4th – Rent late (Late feeds)
  • January 10th – Evictions file
  • January 16th MLK Day

January Maintenance Tip:

Of course you want to be comfortable in your own home, but keeping a few things in mind when it comes to turning on the heat can have a dramatic impact on your monthly bill. Experts say you can save up to 10 percent on your yearly heating expenses by turning down the thermostat just 7-10 degrees for approximately eight hours per day. Like while you’re at work or while you’re sleeping. Ceiling fans are an excellent tool to help distribute heat evenly. Many models have a switch that forces blades to spin clockwise, which will push warm air down into a room.


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